Load Profiling Guide Revision Requests 025-049


LPGRR025 Model Spreadsheets for Flat Load Profile Types
LPGRR026 Load Profiles with Three Digits to the Right of the Decimal Point
LPGRR028 Load Profiling Guide Cleanup, Corrections and Update
LPGRR029 Modification of Time-Of-Use Schedule Approval Process
LPGRR030 Distributed Renewable Generation Modifications
LPGRR031 Profile Decision Tree Changes For Distributed Renewable Generation
LPGRR032 Profile Decision Tree Changes for Advanced Meters
LPGRR033 Synchronization of Load Profiling Guide with PRR804, Revisions to Section 21 Appeal Process
LPGRR034 Profile Model Spreadsheets - Calendar Extension and Delete Unused Models
LPGRR035 Addition of Time Of Use Schedules (TOUS) to Profiles with Interval Data Recorder (IDR) Meter Data Type Codes for Advanced Meters
LPGRR036 Delete Document Control Section
LPGRR037 Replace Wording Truncated from LPGRR035
LPGRR038 Revisions for Texas Nodal Market Implementation and Synchronization with PRR821, Update of Section 21, Process for Protocol Revision
LPGRR039 Revisions for Texas Nodal Market Implementation Part Two
LPGRR040 Administrative Changes for October 1, 2010 Load Profiling Guide
LPGRR041 Distributed Generation (DG) to Sync with NPRR208 Language Effective on Nodal Go-Live
LPGRR042 Updating of Weather Sensitivity Assignment, Suspension of Annual Validation for Advanced Meters, Addition of Load Research Sampling Documents, and Removal of Unused TOUS Codes
LPGRR043 Synchronization with NPRR291, Reduce the Comment Period for NPRRs and SCRs
LPGRR044 Addition of Distributed Generation (DG) Load Profiles
LPGRR045 Synchronization with NPRR374, Modification of SCR Process and Urgency Requirements
LPGRR046 Administrative Changes for March 1, 2012 Load Profiling Guide
LPGRR047 Automatic Yearly Update of Annual Validation Usage Window
LPGRR048 Synchronization with NPRR454, Removal of Unfunded Project List Language, and Modification of Administrative LPGRR Definition
LPGRR049 Include AMS ESI IDs in the Annual Validation Process


LPGRR027 Demand Response Revisions and Modification of Time-Of-Use (TOU) Schedule Approval Process