LMP Contour Map

Wholesale Prices are displayed in the Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) Contour Map, offering a dynamic view of Real-Time resource node LMPs and both Day-Ahead Market and Real-Time Settlement Point Prices throughout the ERCOT region. 

Data Displays

The LMP Contour Map has three data displays:
  • Real-Time LMPs
  • Real-Time SPPs
  • Day-Ahead SPPs

View Types

The map has two view types:
  • Standard Gradient
  • High Gradient

Standard Gradient represents 34 preset contour levels from -$250 to $9000. High Gradient represents 34 contour levels determined by the min/max values of the data.

Display Modes

The map has two display modes:
  • HTML
  • KML

The default view is HTML. In HTML view, hover over the points to see the settlement point prices.

Google Earth™ (http://www.google.com/earth/index.html) is required to use the KML files. Once Google Earth is installed, click one of the options after Download KML:

  • Contours and Points
  • Points Only

In the KML view, click on a point to see an information balloon with complete details. Dots on the map represent settlement points at plant locations. If a plant has multiple settlement points, the max absolute value is displayed first.

In order to enhance the map’s view, users should download the KML file (http://www.ercot.com/content/cdr/static/texas_counties.kml), which will display Texas county boundaries, and the KML file (http://www.ercot.com/content/cdr/static/ercot_boundary.kml), which will display the ERCOT boundary. In Google Earth, move these files from Temporary Places to My Places by dragging the files.

Real-Time LMPs are updated after every SCED run. Real-Time SPPs are updated every 15 minutes. Day-Ahead SPPs are updated daily when DAM closes. The automatic browser refresh rate is every 5 minutes for RTM-LMP and RTM-SPP; DAM-SPP is refreshed every hour. 

The data provided in this dashboard is available in report format as follows:

  • NP4-190-CD, DAM Settlement Point Prices
  • NP6-788-CD, LMPs by Resource Nodes, Load Zones and Trading Hubs
  • NP6-905-CD, Settlement Point Prices at Resource Nodes, Hubs and Load Zones

Note: The data and prices provided through the links above are preliminary and not reflective of Real-Time conditions. Such information should not be relied upon for settlement or other purposes. ERCOT makes no representations or warranties regarding the correctness or veracity of the data and prices provided through dashboards and shall not be responsible for any party's reliance on any such information.