Supply Analysis Working Group

At the direction  of the Wholesale Market Subcommittee (WMS), SAWG evaluate  proposals for market design as they pertain to Resource adequacy and the resource reporting methodologies.  SAWG Annually reviews the components and construction of the Capacity, Demand, and Reserves Report (CDR), the Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy Report (SARA), the Long Term Load Forecast, the NERC Long Term Reliability Assessment, and recommend necessary changes to WMS.  

SAWG also reviews and recommends market design principles, issues, and proposals related to supply side adequacy as assigned by WMS.

Contact Information

Chair: Caitlin Smith
Co-Vice Chairs: Ian Haley, Pete Warnken
Send an email to this group: SAWG@LISTS.ERCOT.COM
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Scheduled Meetings and Meeting Details