SAR-001 Standard Drafting Team: Provision for ERCOT ISO to Participate and Have a Vote

The SAR-001 Standard Drafting Team (SDT), reporting to the Reliability Standards Committee (RSC), is a group of technical experts responsible for developing a proposed standard based upon the approved Standard Authorization Request (SAR) -- Revision to Texas Regional Entity (RE) Documents to Provide for the ERCOT Independent System Operator (ISO) to Participate and Have a Vote in the Processes. The SDT is assigned by the Reliability and Operations Subcommittee (ROS) and is approved by the RSC. 

The SDT is responsible for addressing  the revision of the Texas RE Standards Development Process to include the ERCOT ISO as a voting member of the Registered Ballot Body and RSC along with the other established market segment membership..

Collectively, the SDT has the necessary technical expertise and work process skills pertaining to the particular SAR subject. The SDT reviews stakeholders’ comments and considers modifications to the draft standards. It includes a member of the Texas RE staff and the SAR’s originator in addition to the field subject matter experts assigned by ROS. All SDT meetings are open to all interested participants.

Contact Information

Chair: Jerry Ward

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