Renewable Technologies Working Group

The ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee creates the Renewable Technologies Work Group to coordinate and track stakeholder efforts to capture the benefits and address the challenges associated with the introduction of renewable energy generating technologies interconnected to the ERCOT grid.

Created as a Work Group, rather than a Subcommittee, the RTWG does not have a formal voting structure, but rather strives to achieve consensus on the issues raised during the conduct of its duties. Where applicable, the RTWG will report the consensus, majority, and / or minority views of participants on each issue.

The Chair and Vice Chair of the RTWG will be appointed by the TAC Chair and confirmed by the TAC. The RTWG shall meet not less than quarterly and shall continue in the conduct of its duties until such time as TAC decides to dissolve the work group.

The RTWG is charged with the following duties:
  • Identify issues related to renewable energy generation on the ERCOT system -- either benefits not realized or challenges which need to be addressed. This activity does not preclude WMS or ROS from identifying and resolving wind integration issues within their traditional purview.
  • Define, frame, and prioritize the identified issues for resolution
  • Refer issues to the appropriate TAC subcommittees for further development and resolution
  • Gather input as provided from TAC subcommittees and RTWG activities and develop recommendations and / or frame issues for resolution by TAC
  • Provide monthly status reports to TAC
  • Maintain an issues tracking system
  • Organize and host technical workshops as needed to ensure ERCOT Staff and market participants stay abreast of new technologies deployed on the ERCOT system, emerging technologies offering solutions to renewable generation technology challenges, and industry best practices
  • Organize training seminars as needed to ensure ERCOT Staff and affected market participants effectively coordinate practices and procedures adopted to reliably integrate renewable generation technologies into the ERCOT grid
  • Drafting quarterly reports to TAC to support the ERCOT process to provide quarterly reports to the PUCT regarding CREZ implementation

Contact Information

Chair: Mark Bruce
Vice Chair: Howard Daniels
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