Real-Time Co-Optimization Task Force

The Real-Time Co-Optimization Task Force (RTCTF) is a non-voting body that reports directly to the ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and provides recommendations to TAC under the scope of this Charter. RTCTF is responsible for developing the necessary policy principles to implement a Real-Time Co-Optimization (RTC) design in the ERCOT market that aligns with Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) Project No. 48540, Review of Real-Time Co-Optimization in the ERCOT Market. RTCTF is also responsible for reviewing draft Revision Requests (RRs) prepared by ERCOT to implement RTC policy principles.

The first phase and objective (Phase I) of RTCTF is to: (a) establish the key policy principles that establish the scope of the RTC project and will be used to develop the ERCOT rules, and (b) identify policy issues that are beyond the scope of the RTC project. The second phase and objective (Phase II) of RTCTF is to review the draft RRs prepared by ERCOT for implementation of the policy principles established in Phase I.

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Chair: Matt Mereness
Vice Chair: Bryan Sams
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