Retail Metering Working Group

The Retail Metering Working Group (RMWG), reporting to the Retail Market Subcommittee (RMS), is involved in policy issues and operational aspects of retail metering. RMWG provides a forum in which market participants and others may participate to facilitate changes in standards, specifications, procedures and practices associated with retail metering as reflected in the ERCOT protocols and the Competitive Metering Guide. In addition, the RMWG will provide a forum for discussing other retail metering guides required for the implementation of advanced metering.

RMWG also helps develop business requirements for any transaction changes necessary to implement Public Utility Commission of Texas rules related to retail metering and deliver these requirements to the Texas Standard Electronic Transactions (Texas SET) Working Group and the Texas Test Plan Team (TTPT).

Contact Information

Chair: Terry Bates
Vice Chair: Mike McCabe
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