Nodal Protocol/Reliability Standards Alignment Task Force

The goal of the Task Force is to review and recommend revisions to the Nodal Protocols that more accurately reflect the regulatory and corporate restructuring that has occurred due to Section 215 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, while not altering the market operations and activities defined in current Nodal Protocols. For example, the Task Force will identify Nodal Protocol provisions that purport to restate NERC Reliability Standards and modify the Nodal Protocols to delineate the appropriate relationships of the ERCOT Independent System Operator, the Market Participants, and the Texas Regional Entity. The Task Force envisions delivering the changes on a section by section basis. The sections would be posted to a website for review by Market Participants as the process proceeds. The Task Force envisions providing notice of the changes to PRS and TPTF. The changes will be implemented through a single NPRR at the end of the process (anticipated in 4Q2008).

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Chair: DeAnn Walker
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