LSE Standard Drafting Team for SAR-005, SAR-006 and SAR-007

On February 4, 2009, the RSC voted to suspend activity on SAR-005, SAR-006 and SAR-007 to allow Texas RE to facilitate a possible Joint Registration Oganization (JRO) agreement to address the applicability issues.  Texas RE is facilitating this JRO through the LSE Registration Working Group.  

The LSE Standard Drafting Team (SDT), reporting to the Reliability Standards Committee (RSC), is a group of technical experts responsible for developing proposed standards based upon the approved Standard Authorization Requests (SARs) to remove LSE Applicability from NERC Standards MOD-017 through MOD-021 and EOP-002.

This SDT is responsible for addressing FERC Order 125 FERC 61,057 regarding registration of market participants as Load Serving Entities (LSE) in the ERCOT Interconnection. The identity of appropriate entities to be registered has been contested in FERC Docket Nos. RC07-4-003, RC07-6-003, and RC07-7-003. Per this FERC Order, "NERC’s July 31, 2008 compliance filing is hereby approved." In the compliance filing, NERC proposed "as a short-term solution, revisions to the NERC Statement of Compliance Registry Criteria to provide that a distribution provider to whose system the electric loads in retail choice area are connected will be registered as the LSE for all loads connected to its system."

Collectively, the SDT has the necessary technical expertise and work process skills pertaining to the particular SAR subject. The SDT reviews stakeholders’ comments and considers modifications to the draft standards. It includes a member of the Texas RE staff and the SAR’s originator in addition to the field subject matter experts assigned by ROS. All SDT meetings are open to all interested participants.

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Vice Chair: Darryl Curtis

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