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ERCOT Planning Engineers coordinate the planning of new transmission and generation projects for the ERCOT region. For transmission projects, ERCOT Engineers work with over a dozen different Transmission Service Providers in the selection and coordination of projects that will be added to the existing grid. 

Planning Engineers use traditional steady-state analysis, security-constrained economic production cost analysis, and dynamic simulations in their analysis. For generation projects, engineers perform screening studies to aid developers in site selection, as well as review of full interconnect studies once a site has been determined. The coordination of new transmission and generation projects for future years is a major part of the work performed by ERCOT.

Varsha EDP Member"I’ve been working for the transmission planning department since 2012 and have enjoyed the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of the system and how it interacts as a whole. I like the challenge of finding the right balance between reliability and cost when deciding which transmission projects to recommend.
Furthermore, with the Long Term Study and the Regional Transmission Plan now being integrated in one department, we get to think broadly about possible future outcomes, find common threads and differences among those outcomes, and use this knowledge to inform future planning decisions in actionable timescales."

                                                                                                               Varsha Chatlani