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System Operations

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ERCOT Operations Engineers work closely with Transmission Operators, Generator Operators, and ERCOT Operations personnel to ensure the reliability of the transmission network and the balancing of generation and load on the system. They employ a variety of tools and applications to maintain observability of system conditions and respond with appropriate actions to disturbances, emergencies, and other grid issues. 

Equipment outages due to maintenance or unforeseen circumstances are also a constant challenge when dealing with real-time operations at ERCOT. In direct support of the ERCOT Operations Control Room, Operations Engineers are always in the middle of the action and dealing with demanding new problems.


Alex Sills EDP Engineer

"Operating the ERCOT grid at the ISO/RC level is a highly dynamic and challenging experience.

We have to be ready to analyze things very quickly and act decisively in response to the ever-changing needs of the system."
                                          Alex Sills