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Market Operations

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ERCOT facilitates markets for the buying and selling of energy and ancillary services in the ERCOT region. Generators offer power while loads bid to purchase that power in the ERCOT Real-time and Day Ahead Market.

ERCOT Market Engineers also run monthly and longer term Congestion Revenue Rights auctions that enable loads and generators to hedge themselves against congestion on the transmission system. Market Engineers play a key role in the design of these markets and in the analysis of congestion and locational marginal prices used for energy pricing.

 Robbie Heath                                         
"I have been working as a Market Operations Engineer for 7 months, after spending 2 years in System Planning. My team analyzes and provides support for each piece of the ERCOT market.

I have the opportunity to look at both short-term data like daily market outcomes and perform long-term analysis that leads to future changes in market design."         
                                           Robbie Heath


Zhengguo Chu Engineer EDP

"I've worked in ERCOT Wholesale Market Operations for more than 4 years as a Market Operations Analyst. Our group plays an essential role in operating, monitoring and analyzing the ERCOT wholesale market.

I am proud to participate and witness the development and growth of Texas Nodal Market".                 
                                          Zhengguo Chu