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Grid Coordination

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One of Grid Coordination’s largest roles is producing models of the ERCOT grid. These models are not only used internally for planning and controlling the grid, but are also used by entities outside of ERCOT to analyze different aspects of the ERCOT system.   

Engineers compile and validate weekly Operations models used as templates to study current and future scenarios. In real-time, live information is supplied to these templates to determine the current conditions of the grid. For future studies, estimated data can be applied to predict the behavior of the grid weeks in advance.

Grid Coordination’s engineers also produce planning and system protection cases used for future years analysis. By coordinating data from many different sources, ERCOT engineers produce cases used to dynamically simulate the grid’s reaction to various events.

Leslie Williams EDP Member

"I’ve been a network model engineer for over 1 ½ years in Model Administration. We produce many different models that represent the ERCOT system under various environments. 

These models are used both internally as well as by entities outside of ERCOT to dynamically simulate the grids reactions to events ranging from planned outages to natural disasters such as hurricanes.

I enjoy the challenges and out-of-the-box thinking that is required to build the models that represent such a wide range of events knowing that the simulations that are run on these models could impact millions of people when the real world event happens."

                                                       Leslie Williams