Market Information System Grid and Market Conditions

PRS Meeting by Webex Only

October 14, 2021
09:30 AM
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 182 480 9533
Meeting password: EMh#48


All ERCOT Members intending to vote should join through WebEx and have access to their company email.

For Voting Members:

  • PRS Standing Representatives should submit Alternate Representative designations no later than 3PM the day prior to the meeting
  • Non-Standing Representatives who intend to vote at PRS should send an email stating your Intent to Vote to Stakeholder Services at by 3PM no later than one day prior to the PRS meeting
  • An email with a unique validation code will be sent to all PRS Standing Representatives and their designated Alternative Representatives, and non-standing representatives prior to the meeting
    • To allow validation of your login and ensure your ability to vote in the meeting as a representative of your company, please copy and paste your login given in the email when logging into the Webex
  • If you are using a phone for audio, please associate your phone to your name by using the "Call me" option (easiest) or the "Call in" option and enter your assigned Attendee ID when prompted
  • Use the Chat function to queue for comments/motions (not Raise Hand or commenting from the phone) – reply to Everyone
  • All votes will conducted via roll call



Antitrust Admonition

Martha Henson


Approval of Minutes (Vote)

Martha Henson


September 16, 2021



TAC Update

Martha Henson


Project Update

Troy Anderson


Review PRS Reports, Impact Analyses, and Prioritization (Vote) (*) denotes no impact

Martha Henson


NPRR1094, Allow Under Frequency Relay Load to be Manually Shed During EEA3*



Revision Requests Tabled at PRS (Possible Vote)

Martha Henson


NPRR956, Designation of Providers of Transmission Additions


NPRR981, Day-Ahead Market Price Correction Process


NPRR1058, Resource Offer Modernization for Real-Time Co-Optimization


NPRR1067, Market Entry Qualifications, Continued Participation Requirements, and Credit Risk Assessment


NPRR1070, Planning Criteria for GTC Exit Solutions


NPRR1077, Extension of Self-Limiting Facility Concept to Settlement Only Generators (SOGs) and Telemetry Requirements for SOGs


NPRR1084, Improvements to Reporting of Resource Outages and Derates


NPRR1085, Ensuring Continuous Validity of Physical Responsive Capability (PRC) and Dispatch through Timely Changes to Resource Telemetry and Current Operating Plans (COPs)


NPRR1088, Applying Forward Adjustment Factors to Forward Market Positions and Un-applying Forward Adjustment Factors to Prior Market Positions


NPRR1089, Requiring Highest-Ranking Representative, Official, or Officer of a Resource Entity to Execute Weatherization and Natural Gas Declarations


NPRR1091, Changes to Address Market Impacts of Additional Non-Spin Procurement


NPRR1092, Remove RUC Offer Floor


SCR816, CRR Auction Bid Credit Enhancement



Review of Revision Request Language (Vote)

Martha Henson


NPRR1095, Texas SET V5.0 Changes


NPRR1096, Require Sustained Six Hour Capability for ECRS and Non-Spin


NPRR1097, Create Resource Forced Outage Report


NPRR1098, Direct Current Tie (DC Tie) Reactive Power Capability Requirements


NPRR1099, Managing Network Operations Model Resource Nodes


SCR817, Related to NPRR1095, MarkeTrak Validation Revisions Aligning with Texas SET V5.0



Other Business

Martha Henson


2022 Membership/Segment Elections



Martha Henson

Scheduled PRS Meetings