PWG Meeting by Webex Only

August 21, 2020
09:30 AM


Meeting details will be distributed via the listserv

  • Antitrust Admonition
  • Introductions and Agenda Overview
  • Review and Approve July 24th Meeting Notes
  • Business Annual Validation Matrix Status Update
    • Review Business AV counts by TDSP
    • Finalize AV process to exclude ESIs below certain demand level thresholds
  • Review DG Assignment Instructions
  • Proposals to indicate AMS metering for >700kW/kVA with 4CP billing:
    • Creating New Profiles
    • Modification to Premise Type
    • Transactional recommendation to indicate AMS meter with 4CP or NCP
    • Use of existing BUS profile with unique "NWS"
  • Review Draft NPRR & RMGRR Which Eliminates the IDR Meter Requirement and ERCOT IDR Requirement Report
  • Preparation for AMS/IDR Meter Workshop II (1pm on September 1st after RMS?)
  • Other Items


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