BESTF Meeting by Webex Only

June 12, 2020
09:30 AM
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 626 108 313
Meeting password: BESTF


To minimize noise disruptions on the WebEx while allowing maximum participation, a few tips:

  • When logging in to WebEx, please use this name convention: First Last (Company)
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    • Easiest: Use the "Call me" option for audio (enter your phone number; you’ll be called right away), then enter "1"
    • Use the "Call in" option and enter your assigned Attendee ID when prompted (you may have to scroll down to the bottom of the audio pop-up to see your Attendee ID)
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  • When speaking, please announce your name and company e.g. "Question from Joe with Electric Company"



Antitrust Admonition



9:30 am



General Update



Review and Discuss NPRRs:



NPRR 1014: (BEST-4) ESR Single Model [3nd review of 1 of 15 sections; (consensus previously achieved on the other 14 sections)]


a) Ancillary Service Offers



NPRR 1014: (BEST-4) ESR Single Model [2nd review of 16 sections: See Schedule on Spreadsheet]


a) 4.5.1 DAM Clearing Process


b) 4.5.3 Communicating DAM Results


c) Day-Ahead Make-Whole Settlements


d) 5.3 ERCOT Security Sequence Responsibilities


e) 5.4 QSE Security Sequence Responsibilities

  f) 6.3 Adjustment Period and Real-Time Operations Timeline      
  g) 6.3.1 Activities for the Adjustment Period      
  h) 6.4.2 Output Schedules      
  i) Output Schedules for Resources Other than Dynamically Scheduled Resources      
  j) Output Schedule Criteria      
  k) 6.4.4 Energy Offer Curve      
  l) Centralized Dispatch      
  m) Operational Data Requirements      
  n) Network Security Analysis Processor and Security Violation Alarm      
  o) Resource Limits      
  p) Resource Limit Calculator      


NPRR 1014: (BEST-4) ESR Single Model [1st review of 10 sections: See Schedule on Spreadsheet]


a) Reporting for Planned Outages, Maintenance Outages, and Rescheduled Outages of Resource and Transmission Facilities


b) 3.2.1 Calculation of Aggregate Resource Capacity


c) 3.2.5 Publication of Resource and Load Information


d) Information to Be Provided to ERCOT


e) 5.7.1 RUC Make-Whole Payment


f) 5.7.2 RUC Clawback Charge


g) 5.7.3 Payment When ERCOT Decommits a QSE-Committed Resource


h) Regulation Service Qualification


i) Responsive Reserve Service Qualification


j) Regulation Service and Generation Resource/Controllable Load Resource Energy Deployment Performance



KTC 15-2 Market Suspension and Market Restart




KTC 15-7: Ancillary Service Responsibility Compliance Related to EEA Charging Suspensions




Wrap-up and Next Meeting



3:30 pm

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