WMS Meeting

August 07, 2019
09:30 AM
ERCOT Austin Room 206
7620 Metro Center Dr.
Austin, TX 78744
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 624 955 797
Meeting password: WMS



Antitrust Admonition

D. Kee

9:30 a.m.


Agenda Review

D. Kee



Approval of WMS Meeting Minutes (Vote)

D. Kee

9:35 a.m.


July 10, 2019



Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Update

D. Kee

9:40 a.m.


Evaluate moving the deadline for revising energy offer curves closer to Real-Time operations




ERCOT Operations and Market Items


9:50 a.m.


Unregistered Distributed Generation (DG) Report 2019 Q2 Update

C. Anderson



New PRS Referrals (Vote)

D. Kee

9:55 a.m.


No referrals from July 17, 2019 PRS Meeting




WMS Revision Requests (Vote)

D. Kee

9:55 a.m.


Language Review




VCMRR024, Allocation of Auxiliary Equipment Power Costs in Variable O&M




Impact Analysis Review




SMOGRR022, Related to NPRR948, Instrument Transformer Testing Schedule and Removal of Reference to Fiber-Optic Current Transformers




VCMRR023, Related to NPRR940, Removal of Language Related to NPRR664, Fuel Index Price for Resource Definition and Real-Time Make-Whole Payments for Exceptional Fuel Cost Events




Wholesale Market Working Group (WMWG)

D. Detelich

10:25 a.m.


Revision Requests Tabled at PRS, Referred to WMS (Possible Vote)

D. Kee

11:25 a.m.


NPRR838, Updated O&M Cost for RMR Resources (RCWG) (WMWG)




NPRR903, Day-Ahead Market Timing Deviations




NPRR918, Validation Clarification for PTP Obligations with Links to an Option




NPRR933, Reporting of Demand Response by Retail Electric Providers and Non-Opt-In Entities




NPRR938, Distribution Voltage Level Block Load (BLT) Compensation




NPRR941, Create a Lower Rio Grande Valley Hub (CMWG)




NPRR947, Clarification to Ancillary Service Supply Responsibility Definition and Improvements to Determining and Charging for Ancillary Service Failed Quantities (WMWG) (MSWG)




Congestion Management Working Group (CMWG)

S. Morris

11:45 a.m.




12:00 p.m.


Market Credit Working Group (MCWG)

B. Barnes

1:10 p.m.


Market Settlement Working Group (MSWG)

H. Boisseau

1:20 p.m.


Supply Analysis Working Group (SAWG)

C. Smith

1:30 p.m.


Other Business

D. Kee

1:45 p.m.


Energy Storage Update

W. Lasher



High Impact Transmission Element (HITE) List




Annual TAC Subcommittee Structural Review




Review Open Action Items




No Report




Metering Working Group (MWG)




Demand Side Working Group (DSWG)




Resource Cost Working Group (RCWG)





D. Kee

2:15 p.m.

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