PRS Meeting

February 09, 2017
09:30 AM
ERCOT Austin Room 206
7620 Metro Center Dr.
Austin, TX 78744
Teleconference: 877-668-4493
Meeting number: 625 009 917
Meeting password: PRS



Antitrust Admonition M. Henson


Approval of Minutes (Vote)

January 19, 2017

M. Henson


TAC and Board Reports

M. Henson


2017 PRS Goals (Vote)

M. Henson


Project Update and Summary of Project Priority List (PPL) Activity to Date

T. Anderson


Review PRS Reports, Impact Analyses, and Prioritization (Vote) (*) denotes no impact

NPRR802, Settlements Clean-up*

NPRR804, Remove Posting Requirement for Private Use Network Diagrams*

NPRR808, Three Year CRR Auction

NPRR810, Applicability of RMR Incentive Factor on Reservation and Transportation Costs Associated with Firm Fuel Supplies

NPRR812, Alignment of Currently Published Reports

M. Henson


Review of Pending Project Priorities (Possible Vote)

T. Anderson


Urgency Vote(s) (Vote)

NPRR818, Allow Curtailment of DC Tie Load Prior to Declaring Emergency Condition

M. Henson


Revision Requests Tabled at PRS (Possible Vote)

NPRR562, Subsynchronous Resonance

NPRR697, Disclosure of Protected Information for Research and Coordination Purposes

NPRR768, Revisions to Real-Time On-Line Reliability Deployment Price Adder Categories

NPRR776, Voltage Set Point Communication

NPRR777, ERCOT-directed Dispatch of Price-Responsive Distributed Generation

NPRR796, Extended Character Set Clean Up

NPRR798, Additional CRR Accounts Request

NPRR799, Updates to Outages of Transmission Facilities

NPRR807, Day-Ahead Market Price Correction

NPRR809, GTC or GTL for New Generation Interconnection

NPRR811, Two Day Cure Period for Foreign Market Participant Guarantee Agreements

M. Henson


Review of Revision Request Language (Vote)

NPRR813, Updated Terminology Related to Annual Market Settlement Operations Audits

NPRR814, Modify Black Start Procurement Cycle

NPRR815, Revise the Limitation of Load Resources Providing Responsive Reserve (RRS) Service

NPRR816, Clarification of Definitions of FIP and FOP

M. Henson


Notice of Withdrawal

SCR785, Update RTL calculation to include Real-Time Reserve Price Adder based components

M. Henson


Other Business

M. Henson



M. Henson

Scheduled PRS Meetings