PLWG Meeting

January 22, 2014
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
ERCOT Austin Room 206A
7620 Metro Center Dr.
Austin, TX 78744
Teleconference: 1-877-668-4493
Meeting number: 656 440 735
Meeting password: 0122PLWG



Antitrust Admonition


9:30 a.m.


Agenda Review




Update on ROS, TAC and Board Activity on PLWG Matters

  1. TAC Activity: PGRR032 Stakeholder Review of Resource Registration Data Requirements was approved at TAC; currently awaiting Board approval.
  2. PGRR031 Implement 95% Facility Rating Limit in the Planning Criteria was approved at TAC; currently awaiting Board approval.
  3. ROS Activity:  ROS directed PLWG to consider constrained generation condition throughout ERCOT
  4.  ROS assigned NPRR572 Asynchronous Tie Interconnection Process to PLWG.
  5. PLWG recommended approval of PGRR033 Dynamics Flat Start Cases Preparation at December ROS meeting; DWG requested that it be tabled to allow additional consideration before ROS vote  




PGRR028 Evaluation of Compliance of Reactive Requirements. {Defines ERCOT’s process for evaluation proposed Generation Resources’ ability to provide reactive power. Protocol Section 3.15, Voltage Support, defines reactive capability requirements for Generation Resources. Paragraph (3) of Protocol Section 16.5, Registration of a Resource Entity requires ERCOT to opine upon the capability of the proposed Generation Resource’s ability to meet those requirements.}

  1. ROS in Nov 14 meeting referred PGRR028 back to PLWG to address issues with language in Section 5.6.1(3)
  2. Request for greater clarity regarding defining what future conditions must be met
  3. PLWG considered language at November meeting and tabled for consideration of revised language to be offered at December PLWG mtg from a small group led by ERCOT  
  4. ERCOT not prepared for discussion at Jan PLWG meeting; will be tabled until February PLWG meeting




PGRR035 DC Tie Interconnection Process. {Defines process for ERCOT to administer requests from Stakeholders for interconnection to ERCOT grid for DC Ties}.

  1. ERCOT legal continues to consider a broad range of DC Tie Issues involving planning/marketing/operations.
  2. ERCOT submission of edits continues to be delayed pending resolution of appropriate position on concerns with existing Guide/Protocol and PUC Rule language.




Constrained Generation. ROS directed PLWG to consider existing conditions where generation is constrained from delivery to the grid. The question was raised whether system upgrades should be identified to increase access to grid for constrained generation throughout ERCOT; and whether decisions to upgrade be solely based on current reliability or economic criteria. ERCOT’s work to assess potential system upgrade to relieve potential future congestion in Panhandle (PREZ studies), while no similar assessment of existing constrained generation in ERCOT, was offered as an inconsistency in addressing generation congestion on the ERCOT grid.

  1. An initial discussion to best define the concern will be held
  2. A review of current Planning Guide, Protocol and PUC Substantive Rule language may be appropriated to serve as a basis for identifying what is currently the required planning responsibilities for ERCOT and TSPs
  3. Parties may choose to offer PGRR language to revise planning criteria to expand the basis for identifying system upgrades to reduce generation congestion




Final OPSTF Issues List

  1. Issue 5C: Discreet Load Additions. {No action required}. A recommendation was approved at the Oct. PLWG Mtg that no further action is needed to address consideration of discreet load additions within the current ERCOT transmission planning processes.
  2. Issue 10: Security Constrained Deliverability of Ancillary Services. A subcommittee will report on their considerations of whether any additional actions are needed.




2014 PLWG Leadership




Additional Items




Next Meeting is February 19, 2014






4:00 p.m.

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