Chris Coleman, ERCOT Senior Meteorologist

    Updated Thursday, October 18

    General Discussion: Continued cool, cloudy, with rain chances today into the weekend. But generally a slow trend warmer -- while remaining below-normal. Rain will continue to impact most of ERCOT today through Friday but trending south on the weekend. Flooding concerns will continue – especially in the Hill Country. The next significant rain event will set up next Monday in South Texas, then spreading north into most or all of ERCOT Tuesday into Wednesday.

    Today: Showers and thunderstorms increasing again – possible over all but East Texas, east and north of Houston. Heaviest rainfall potential is over the West zone. Highs in the 60s for most of the state, though some cooler temperatures over West Texas.

    Tomorrow: Rain increasing over North Texas, and continuing West, Central, and South. Highs mostly in the 50s and 60s, though some warmer temperatures South and Coast.

    This Weekend: Rain and thunderstorms will impact most of the state on Saturday – with exception to northwest Texas toward Fort Worth. But Sunday, precipitation will be mostly limited to South and Coast, potentially impacting San Antonio – shifting south and east as the day progresses and a cold front moves through. 60s and 70s for highs this weekend and not as cool in the overnights. Sunday will bring increasing amounts of sunshine over all but South Texas and parts of the Coast.

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