Seth Cochran

    Seth Cochran

    DC Energy Texas LLC

    Independent Power Marketer Market Segment

    Seth Cochran is manager of Market Affairs and Origination for DC Energy Management, L.P. on behalf of DC Energy Texas, LLC and other DC Energy entities. Mr. Cochran has managed trading and regulatory functions in the wholesale energy markets for more than 10 years.

    In his current role, Mr. Cochran is responsible for advocating and developing the DC Energy entities’ wholesale market policies in ERCOT, Southwest Power Pool and California ISO. He previously served three years as chair of the ERCOT Wholesale Market Subcommittee. Prior to joining DC Energy, Mr. Cochran traded power products throughout the eastern U.S. interconnection and provided market advocacy. He started his energy career trading power for an investor-owned utility, where he optimized a diverse portfolio of generation assets and oversaw the delivery and receipt of power.

    Mr. Cochran started his career researching equities for a mutual fund group, where he was involved in the equity valuation process and recommended investment decisions.

    Mr. Cochran received his Bachelor of Science in business administration from The Ohio State University.