Peter Cramton

    Peter Cramton

    Professor of Economics
    University of Maryland


    Peter Cramton, a professor of Economics at the University of Maryland and the University of Cologne, has a broad range of experience in the energy and financial arenas. In addition to his academic work, he serves as the Chief Economist for three start-ups, focusing on innovative auction-based markets in communications, finance and other industries.

    Dr. Cramton has played a lead role in the design and implementation of electricity and gas auctions in North America, South America and Europe. For more than 30 years, Dr. Cramton’s research on auction theory and practice has focused primarily on the design of auctions. This research includes energy, spectrum and financial auctions and appears in leading economics journals. Dr. Cramton has advised 12 governments and 41 bidders in spectrum auctions, and he co-invented the spectrum auction design used in Canada, Australia and many European countries

    Dr. Cramton received his B.S. in Engineering from Cornell University in 1980 and his Ph.D. in Business from Stanford University in 1984. He joined the ERCOT Board of Directors in October 2015.