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Nick Fehrenbach

Nick Fehrenbach

Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Utility Franchising
City of Dallas

Consumer – Commercial Segment

Nick Fehrenbach is Manager of Regulatory Affairs and Utility Franchising for the City of Dallas. He is responsible for the regulatory oversight of all non-city-owned utilities operating in the city and administration of the various utility franchises for use of the public right-of-ways. As a home-rule city, the City of Dallas has original jurisdiction over natural gas distribution rates and electric transmission and distribution rates. Mr. Fehrenbach also participates on behalf of the city and its citizens in matters before the Public Utility Commission, Railroad Commission, and Federal Communications Commission.

The City of Dallas is one of the largest consumers of electricity on the TXU system, consuming in excess of 772 gigawatt-hours annually. Mr. Fehrenbach has assisted with procurement strategy and the evaluation of competitive bids for electricity. He has also been involved in various energy efficiency initiatives at the city.

Mr. Fehrenbach received a bachelor of arts in economics at Southern Methodist University in 1985, a bachelor of science in general business, and a master of business administration with a concentration in accounting from Tarleton State University in 1990.